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Microsoft Surface Pro 3

I recently had the pleasure of getting a Surface Pro 3 for free at Adobe Max 2014 when everyone who attended the conference was entitled to a free device! After three weeks of using the device, I have to admit I like it and enjoy it! I had been using my iPad for close to a year prior to the Surface Pro 3 being in my arsenal. I find myself asking what can’t I do with this versus my iPad where I ask myself… What Can I do with this?

Here’s the breakdown of what I have done with my Surface Pro 3

  • Watch live TV via Windows Media Center
    • Display port output so that I can hook it up to my TV
  • MS Office 365
  • Access to full featured software (since its running Windows 8.1)
  • Use all my Adobe CC products
    • Dreamweaver
    • Photoshop
    • Pretend to draw in Illustrator as if I was an artist
  • Access network shared drives
  • Install PC games (if i really had the desire to play something on it)

Most importantly I really like the battery life, this device outlasts my iPad in terms of battery life when its in sleep mode.

A Classic Rises From The Ashes

Growing up in the 90’s, I got to experience some great music! One of those great songs was Mark Morrison – Return of the Mack and recently I find that a remix has been made. Well, I wanted to share this remix with the masses, so here it is on YouTube!


I enjoyed it and I hope you will too.

Waze & Google Maps

Has any else noticed that Wave reports now show up on Google Maps when you put in directions? Its something that I wondered if we would ever see happen since the purchase of Waze by Google. It makes sense that all those users reporting various traffic information, location of cops, road hazards, etc be used on a larger scale.

I still find myself using Google Maps and Waze at the same time since the vast information on Google Maps about nearby stuff is great in a pinch on the road and you need to stop for food / gas. If Waze has a little bit more information I dont think I would have a need to run both apps on my phone and get everything I need in once place. Maybe they will get there one day, only time will tell.

If you have not checked out Waze I recommend you try it for all your commuting needs on the road, its designed to save time when driving your car and maybe even a speeding ticket or two. Who doesnt like to know where Highway Patrol are hiding up the road.

MixTape Studios – Music for Your Soul

One great source of music I have had the pleasure of experiencing are the playlists put together by MixTape Studios. With free to download playlists, featuring music that opens your eyes and ears to songs you wont find on the radio. I tend to find myself having a better appreciation for music as a whole after listening to one of the mixtapes.  Another interesting note is the album covers tend to feature an image that is easy on the eyes, if ya know what I mean.

While I do realize that not all types of music are for everyone, im sure there will be a track or two that will catch you mind and ask yourself, damn why haven’t I heard this on the radio or wouldn’t this song be cool to have in my collection. Well guess what, this site lets you at least accomplish one of the two, so give the latest mixtape a try and downloaded one, two, or all for your listening enjoyment.

Oh I thought I should also mention that after a recent poll I conducted 9 out of every 10 women really like listening to MixTape Studios. So make sure you have it queued up at your next shindig.