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Waze & Google Maps

Has any else noticed that Wave reports now show up on Google Maps when you put in directions? Its something that I wondered if we would ever see happen since the purchase of Waze by Google. It makes sense that all those users reporting various traffic information, location of cops, road hazards, etc be used on a larger scale.

I still find myself using Google Maps and Waze at the same time since the vast information on Google Maps about nearby stuff is great in a pinch on the road and you need to stop for food / gas. If Waze has a little bit more information I dont think I would have a need to run both apps on my phone and get everything I need in once place. Maybe they will get there one day, only time will tell.

If you have not checked out Waze I recommend you try it for all your commuting needs on the road, its designed to save time when driving your car and maybe even a speeding ticket or two. Who doesnt like to know where Highway Patrol are hiding up the road.

MixTape Studios – Music for Your Soul

One great source of music I have had the pleasure of experiencing are the playlists put together by MixTape Studios. With free to download playlists, featuring music that opens your eyes and ears to songs you wont find on the radio. I tend to find myself having a better appreciation for music as a whole after listening to one of the mixtapes.  Another interesting note is the album covers tend to feature an image that is easy on the eyes, if ya know what I mean.

While I do realize that not all types of music are for everyone, im sure there will be a track or two that will catch you mind and ask yourself, damn why haven’t I heard this on the radio or wouldn’t this song be cool to have in my collection. Well guess what, this site lets you at least accomplish one of the two, so give the latest mixtape a try and downloaded one, two, or all for your listening enjoyment.

Oh I thought I should also mention that after a recent poll I conducted 9 out of every 10 women really like listening to MixTape Studios. So make sure you have it queued up at your next shindig.


Mixlr Review – Live Audio Broadcasting

This week I managed to come across and I figured why not give it a try and provide everyone with a quick Mixlr review. If you have ever wanted to have your own “online radio station” this website offers a really quick and easy solution with a few social media plugins. Integration with your Facebook, Twitter, and website (WordPress plugin included) if you want take it to that next level.

Right now I am trying out the free version, no ads so far, with broadcasting some of my tunes for anyone who wants to listen. The software that you must download is very easy and clear to understand, you get three source inputs: microphone, Any sound source from your computer, and a playlist to upload music to.

Below is an example of the WordPress plugin at work:

I even had the option to specify if I wanted the plugin to play by default, I chose not to, so you will have to click on it to start jamming.

After  a few days of using the software and browsing the established community that Mixlr provides, I can tell you that its a simple and effective way to start broadcasting online. It great if you ever had the urge to become an online dj and broadcast your tunes for anyone to hear.

Logitech Ultrathin iPad Keyboard / Case

Logitech Ultrathin iPad keyboardI recently started using the Logitech Ultrathin keyboard for my iPad 2 and enjoy using it. After comparing various types of cases that have built in keyboards or stand-alone, I have found this to be a good match. It attaches via a magnetic clip that works on one side of the iPad closes facing the screen so it provides a screen protector when my iPad is not in use.

So let me go over the pro’s and con’s I have found


  • Pairs via bluetooth and after being setup once, I have never had a problem with it since.
  • Incredible standby time, I have gone 2 weeks without having to charge the device and minimal use.
  • Thin keyboard makes the device when closed with the iPad retain a small feel.
  • Dual magnet locations allow the keyboard to attach when closed and act as a lid, secondary magnet used to dock the iPad when using the keyboard in “laptop” mode.
  • Has the iPad home button


  • You only have one LED light to indicate the battery level, so you only know when its low when the light starts flashing, prior to that you have no idea.
  • You don’t know when its charged, because the LED light is covered when the iPad is attached and in the closed position.
  • If you apply a lot of force when the iPad is docked, it can be pushed out of the dock and  fall back. This does not happen often, seems to only happen when im pressing harder then I should for no apparent reason.

So that’s the quick summary of what I do and don’t like about this iPad keyboard, no real complaints yet but if anything changes you will be the first to hear about it.

LG Electronics 9,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier Review

LG Electronics 9,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

To deal with the impending heat of living the summer months in Las Vegas, NV I recently purchased a portable A/C unit that could be installed in a room and removed easily once its not longer needed.

I have owned other variations in the past, such as ones that mount in your window, but decided those require too much setup and require my window being open wider then the 4.5 inches that this LG 9,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner unit requires. Its also worth noting that this A/C unit comes with a remote and all the necessary equipment to install into a window.

Area Background Info

One bit of information that I could not find and I feel most people would be most concerned about is how big of a window can the included window installation kit work with. The description and box did not tell me, so I figured i’d take a chance. Turns out according to the manual you can only use the included kit with windows up to 48 inches in length. That measurement can be for horizontal or vertical sliding windows as the width of the kit is 4.5 inches.

Another thing that I took into consideration was the size of the room I primarily wanted to use this unit in and the required about of BTU’s for the size as well as potentially being used in bigger rooms. The room I am going to install this in approximately 150 sq ft, not a big room by any means, but it requires some A/C since there is not connection to the house A/C. Looking up what the recommended BTU is, I quickly found that a 5000-7000 BTU device will provide enough A/C for the room.

I also thought and knew that down the road I may want to put this in a larger room, so looking at the price range of units that produce 5000, 7000, and 9000 I realized there was not much in terms of price difference. For $60-$80 more I could get an additional 3000 BTU’s  and figured I might as well go big.


Included partsThis ended up being a problem for me as my window was 55 inches tall and the kit could not extend to cover the height as I have a horizontal sliding window. This problem inspired me to make my own window kit, so with a trip to my local Home Depot, I purchased a 7ft tall x 5 inch wide x 1.5 inch thick piece of MDF wood, some window AC sealant strips, spray applicant sealant foam, around 10 feet 1/4 inch thick metal frame, and some additional screws to make my own kit. My total was around  $45 out the door.

I spent about 5-6 hours total sizing all the parts to fit my window, cutting a vent in the wood to match the shape of the hose that would attach the A/C to the window so that hot air could be blown outside, and then finally sealing the window and the wooden frame all together and made sure there was a proper seal.

Usage Results

So far I can say during the first week, it has worked amazingly, there is a slight humming sound when the compressor kicks on and produces the cold air, but again its an A/C unit so that is to be expected. The fan blows on two settings high and low, but both seem as a high and higher speed, and its impressively cold!

There is a timer function so you can turn it on and walk away, you can set the desired temperature you wish to get the room too, and you have the ability to adjust the direction the air blows in a up or down direction. There is no side to side capability, only up and down and that is worth noting.

Overall I am pleased with this unit and recommend the use of it for small rooms. Lets see how many summers I can get under its belt!